Manage Your Time With The 5 - Minute Rule

planning time managment Apr 29, 2021
Manage Your Time With The 5-Minute Rule

Are you a holistic therapist or yoga teacher who loves treating clients and teaching classes but struggle to find the time to find those all-important new clients? Many of my clients set up their classes and practices alongside full-time jobs and family responsibilities with every intention of making time to market themselves. Then find themselves putting off those all-important business tasks. 

Meaning they never make the move from hobbyist to professional wellness business owner. 

Back in 2001, when I qualified as a reflexologist, I did so alongside having a one-year-old child.

I loved being a reflexologist.

However, there is no doubt that the sales and marketing of my business were overwhelming and time-consuming.

Role on to the present day and I still hear the same problems from my clients the same sense of overwhelm by the sheer number of tasks they need to do to find new clients.

Now I recommend the '5-minute rule' it is easy to follow and keeps all of those tasks on your to-do list under control. I received an e-mail from a client just yesterday saying that her productivity had increased because she was getting so many things done quickly.

What I love about the '5-minute rule' is that you are not restricted to doing everything in a certain order. If you are like me, my brain does not function in a nice ordered fashion left to its own devices, it, jumps around getting excited about the next task.

With the '5-minute rule' I can do anything in my business that comes up as long as it's something I can do in 5 minutes. You might think that 5 minutes is not enough time to work on your business you will, however, be surprised what you can achieve in a small amount of time.

  • Reply to a client

  • Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

  • Share something about your business on your social media

  • Write an e-mail to your clients.

When you being to think about it! The vast majority of your business tasks are quick and do not take very long. Right?

The last 5-minute task I save for the end of the day updating my to-do list every time I mark a task as done I, get a little surge of dopamine the happiness hormone.

Before you say, it is not possible to do everything my business needs in 5 minutes. I appreciate some tasks will require a bigger investment of your time. However, give the '5-minute' rule a try you will be surprised at how many business tasks you can accomplish in five little minutes.

As a busy business coach and parent, I've used my five minutes more and more productively over the years.

Ready to use the 5-minute rule to grow your yoga classes or holistic therapy practices? Create a list of, tasks, choose one or two from the list every day and see where you end up at the end of the week. I am sure you will find areas of your business growing.

Just as you encourage your yoga students and clients to use consistent wellness practices. As a coach, I encourage you to create a consistent planning practice this is the key to growing a professional abundant wellness business. 



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